tm: Brand Animations

tm: Think Monsters

tm: Taco Maniacs

tm: Twisty Mustaches

What does tm stand for? That's a question they get fairly often over at tm advertising. To help answer that question, they partnered with us and provided a list of brand-relevant word combinations. With those phrases in mind, we helped visualize exactly what those ideas may look like. It was an enjoyable and harmonious collaboration that allowed for creativity to run amok on both sides for this Addy award-winning campaign. Fun fact; we liked Taco Maniacs so much we actually turned it into a playable game!

Below are some unused concepts and a peek into our creative development process, such as: what do Think Monsters think about and how does the letter M wear a mustache?

Responsibilities included creative direction, concept, illustration, and 2D animation.

Tight Moves